f-logo About Fez Building Construction

Fez Building Construction is a 100% black owned construction, Infrastructure concessions, water supply and real estate company with rapid growth due to the excellent reputation of well conducted series of safe road and construction, developing life time infrastructure and providing clean, healthy water reticulation solutions.

Fez Building Construction was founded by Mr. Fezekile Vatsha purely with the interest of uplifting the local communities, disadvantaged infrastructure facilities, providing safe roads,clean healthy water and contributing towards the states economic welfare. With more than 15 years of experience Fez Building Construction has reached out to its people by reducing the local communities unemployment rate whilst providing clean water, touching and changing lives for the better, for good.

f-logo Company Policy

Effective execution of tasks and projects using local skilled and semi skilled labour, use of previously marginalized local sub contractors to ensure efficient delivery of skills transfer. Implementing equity of employment policy, promoting project steering in committees.

f-logo Vision & Mission

To be the leading centre in building construction whilst continuously seeking to develop and implement new improved ways to deliver our services whilst maintaining our high standards of business and integrity.

Fez Building Construction is dedicated to providing quality construction, affordable real estate services, life time infrastructure and healthy water reticulation solutions to our community. We strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely services and an anticipation of their needs.